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The project to be developed is named Sidao. It stands for sovereign individual decentralized autonomous organizations. As the name hints, it has two parts:

  • soveriegn individual: self identity and privacy.
  • decentralized autonomous organizations: one's social life in a decentrailized and autonomous way.

First Phase

As any ambitious project, it starts with small, achievable steps. The first phase is creating a chat app using the Matrix protocol. The chat app has the following components:

  • Chat app using React Native and TS, first supports iOS
  • Matrix home server written in Go.
  • Self identity (may involve changes in both app and backend)

TS is used as the programming languages for mobile app because it is supported by almost all crypto or P2P protocols for client devlopment. Go is used for the backend because most important p2p/chat protocols and crypto libraries are implemented in Go. For example: libp2p Go implementation go-libp2p, IPFS Go implementation kubo


  • Ditto is a simple Matrix client based on react native.
  • Dendrite is a second generation Matrix home server written in Go.

Two Milestones

I am hesitating to give a deadline for a side project. But it is still better than null.

  • M1: to connect Ditto with Dendrite. Due on 09/30/2022.
  • M2: add self-identity. Due on 12/31/2022.