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Development Plan for Sidao

Last updated on 08/31/2022.

The project to be developed is named Sidao. It stands for sovereign individual decentralized autonomous organizations. As the name hints, it has two parts:

  • sovereign individual: self identity and privacy.
  • decentralized autonomous organizations: one's social life in a decentralized and autonomous way.

Phase 1

As any ambitious project, it starts with small, achievable steps. The first phase is creating a chat app using the Matrix protocol. The chat app has the following components:

  • Chat app
  • Matrix home server
  • Self identity (may involve changes in both app and backend)

Phase 2

P2P payment in US$.

Phase 3

Event management and payment settlement

Phase 4

Microblog and blog.

Phase 5

SI web site

Phase 6

From group chat to DAO.