VS Code notes

1. Introduction

VS is a code editor at its heart. You can open up to three editors side by side.

Type ⌘P (Quick Open) to quickly search and open a file by its name. Type ⇧⌘P brings up the Commmand Palett that provides access to all of the functions for VS Code. ⇧⌘O will let you navigate to a specific symbol in a file. ⌃G will let you navigate to a specific line in a file. ⌘K Z enters zen mode. Use zenMode.fullScreen to turn on or turn off the full screen zen mode. ⌘K ⌘W close all editors.

You can customize both color theme and file icon theme.

⇧⌘F to search across files. ⇧⌘J to configure advanced search options.

⇧⌥F to format the entire file. ⌘K ⌘F to ormat the selected text.

Written on July 13, 2017