An Example of REST API Client Server Using TypeScript and Vue

This follows the Github TypeScript-Vue-Example to demostrate REST API usage of Axios.

After clone the TypeScript-Vue-Example repository, follow the below instructions to setup and run a REST API demo.

1. Create REST Server API

First, create /server/src/product-data.js with the following code – this is the server side code that still use JavaScript

module.exports = [
    id: '001',
    name: 'COBOL 101 vintage',
    description: 'Learn COBOL with this vintage programming book',
    price: 399,
    id: '007',
    name: 'Sharp C2719 curved TV',
    description: 'Watch TV like with new screen technology',
    price: 1995,
    id: '719',
    name: 'Remmington X mechanical keyboard',
    description: 'Excellent for gaming and typing',
    price: 595,

Then, create /server/src/get-products.js with the following code:

const products = require('./products-data')

exports.getProducts = (req, res) => {
  res.status(200); // 200 OK

Finally, add the server API by inserting the following two lines to build/dev-server.js, right after creating var app = express():

var productsApi = require('../server/src/get-products')
app.get('/api/products', productsApi.getProducts)

2. Install Axios

npm i -S axios vue-axios

Add following to entry file src/main.ts

import * as axios from 'axios'
import * as VueAxios from 'vue-axios'
Vue.use(VueAxios, axios)

3. Use Mutations and Actions

3.1. Add Type Constants

Edit the src/store/products-types.ts file as the following:

export const FETCH_PRODUCTS = 'products/FETCH_PRODUCTS'
export const SET_PRODUCTS = 'products/SET_PRODUCTS'
export const GET_PRODUCTS = 'products/GET_PRODUCTS'

3.2. Create the SET_PRODUCTS Mutation

Create src/store/modules/products/mutations.ts as the following:

import { SET_PRODUCTS } from '../../products-types'

export const mutations = {
  [SET_PRODUCTS] (state, products) {
    state.products = products

3.3. Create the FETCH_PRODUCTS Action

Create the src/store/modules/products/actions.ts as the following:

import { FETCH_PRODUCTS, SET_PRODUCTS } from '../../products-types'

export const actions = {
  [FETCH_PRODUCTS] ({ commit }, axios) {
    return axios.get('api/products/')
      .then((response) => 

3.4. Update the Products Store Module

Edit src/store/modules/products/index.ts to have the following content:

import { getters } from './getters'
import { mutations } from './mutations'
import { actions } from './actions'

const initialState = {
  products: []

export default {
  state: {...initialState},

3.5. Fetch Data When ProductList is Created

Edit the <script> in src/components/ProductList.vue to have the following content:

import { mapGetters, mapActions } from 'vuex'
import * as types from '../store/products-types'

export default {
  computed: mapGetters({
    products: types.GET_PRODUCTS
  methods: {
      fetchProducts: types.FETCH_PRODUCTS
  created () {

In the above code, we map the types.FETCH_PRODUCTS as a local method fetchProducts and call it when the component is created.

Written on December 14, 2016