Report an Odoo logging bug in Windows

The created pull request is

When I [setup Odoo debugging in Windows PyCharm] (, I configured logfile but Odoo failed to write logging message to the file I specified. Debugging into it, I found that the following line in openrp/

handler = logging.handlers.FileHandler(logf)

raised an exception:

‘module’ object has no attribute ‘FileHandler’

It is an error because FileHandler is defined in logging module. The correct syntax should be

handler = logging.FileHandler(logf)

Therefore I want to report the bug to the Odoo repository. This is an easy-to-verify and easy-to-fix bug. This kind of errors never happen in a statically typed programming language. It is a price paid by using a dynamically typed language like Python.

Nonetheless, it is still some steps to be done to report and fix this bug for the first time. Below are steps I did to complete this “bug reporting” task:

1. In GitHub, fork the odoo/odoo

repository to my account.

2. Decide which version I should submit a patch

According the the contributing document, I should patch odoo/X.0 branch instead of the master branch. For me, it is Odoo 8.0.

3. Clone Odoo 8.0 to a local repository

git clone -b 8.0

4. Create a branch and commit fix

git checkout -b windows-logging-bug 8.0

Edit openrp/, change the line from

handler = logging.handlers.FileHandler(logf)


handler = logging.FileHandler(logf)

commit the change and push to GitHub

git commit -am "fix logging to file in Windows"
git push origin windows-logging-bug

5. Create a pull request

In GitHub, select the newly created branch “windows-logging-bug”, click the “compare, review, create a pull request” icon on the left side of the branch name.

This brings another “Create pull request” page, click the Edit button on the top right to choose the right original repository. In my case, it is “odoo:8.0”. It shows the changes to be reviewed. Everything is fine, click the “Create pull request” button.

One should write a comment for the pull request. Again, the contributing document has a template. Before clicking “create pull request” to create it, I should double check the original branch – I made a mistake to create it in the master branch. I had to close and create it again for the Odoo 8.0 branch.

Below is what I wrote in markeddown syntax.

``` In Windows, Odoo fails to write log messages to a configured logfile

Impacted versions:

  • 7.0 and above

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Odoo in Windows
  2. set logfile = c:\odoo.log in openerp-server.conf file
  3. Run Odoo in Windows, all log messages are still written to console.

Expected behavior:

  1. Log messages should be written to the configure log file.

The reason and the fix: The reason is that a code error in openrp/ The ‘FileHandler class is defined in logging module, not in logging.handlers` module.

The fix is to change the line from

handler = logging.handlers.FileHandler(logf)


handler = logging.FileHandler(logf)

Written on September 9, 2014